I was ghosted, and I totally deserved it.

Most people have been ghosted nowadays and know it is when a seemly great relationship just never answers a call or text from you again. This recently happened to me, not from a first online date but from somebody I was seeing for a few weeks.

I loved our time together, he told me the same and seemed a lot more enthusiastic and excited then I was. After I didn’t hear back from him I thought and went through all of the normal stress somebody feels in this situation. Did he see my text? Maybe he is traveling? Maybe he is purposely playing games? Days passed, I knew I was being ghosted.

At first, I was super upset, I felt deceived and used. Then I realized that I totally deserved this. I had so often been misleading and left men hanging with no reply on a regular basis.

“How many people have you not replied to in the past month or left hanging?”

We often forget that behind every Tinder profile, FB message and unreplied text there is somebody that could be completely dependent on your reply.

After days of only thinking of myself, I started to think of the constant Tinder dates I made plans with only to never reply or ex-boyfriends who I wasn’t even responsive to. On a small but equally dismissive and dishonest scale, I have done my share of ghosting.

What I do know for sure is that we get what we give in this world and I will be more cautious about all of the people I leave hanging.

On a final note, I heard something really interesting about rejection from James Altucher which said that 30% of people will love you, 30% will hate you and another 30% won’t care. When you face rejection or negativity a good mentality to have is “oh that’s from the 30% of haters” that are bound to be there. Focus on the percentage who will love you.