No Matches on Tinder? You are not alone. 

This article will tell you why you are not being matched with and what you can do to turn things arond and start getting more matches today.

The average online dater spends 3-8 hours online dating a week and checks their apps 4 times a day, that is a lot of swiping. Millions of messages are sent on Tinder per hour.

If you’re going to do it, you might as do it right and get the most bang for your swipe. Many clients come to us because they often have NEVER been able to score an online date, which can be quite annoying as it seems that everybody else around you is swamped with an online dating schedule and share of love and horror stories.

no tinder matches

The main reason why you are not getting any matches or at least not as many as you hoped for is because of your profile photos, style of your flat out looks. It’s ALL about the photos and here are some common errors you may be making:


Men should have 3 or 4 photos max. When People see one small tinnnnny thing they don’t like it’s pretty much a done deal so being as conservative as possible and using only a few photos is a much better idea then taking somebody through your entire life’s timeline. Most people are swiping as fast as possible so don’t create any room for a “hmmmmmm” it will soon turn into a left swipe. Women on the other hand, need to show variety and make sure not every photo is a photoshopped, face beauty shot.



bad tinder profile from an online dating consultantLot’s of people try to stand out and look “unique” in their photos but this always works against them. Online dating is a super risky, time waster inherently; don’t create more risk for your potential date by including any extreme photos of well really, anything.


Gym photos

Photos in front of a car

Party photos

Photos with your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend

Photos taken more then 5 years ago

Unnecessary nudity



no matches on tinderIf we can’t really see your full head, height and weight most people will automatically pass and think you are insecure and hiding something. Use photos that show you fully and genuinely. Your profile should always have a full body photo and a clear face photo that includes the top of your head. Also if you only have one or 2 photos this is not considered cool or mysterious, it will not get you any matches.


As mentioned online dating is already risky but if you have photos that show extreme discrepancies you will atomically cast confusion and rejection. Make sure your photos show the same weight, age, and current hair status.


Most people prefer a somebody who is realistic, well dressed and happy looking then perfect. You are not only being judged on your natural born looks but profile photos reflect what you think it’s presentable and cool. You should have at least one photos that is dressed up and shows that you can sharpen things up.

If you select photos that reflect all of these points you are defiantly on your way to achieving more online dating success! For personalized feedback on your dating profile which includes exact ways to sharpen it up. See our profile feedback and improvement options here.