Paris gets a high 8 out of 10 in it dating score due to the vast online dating opportunities, high level of French sexuality, culture, cozy dating venue options and high interest in romantic relationships. Paris is an amazing city for dating for both men and women, locals and expats and you will find available singles at all ages from 20-50 ready to meet.


Use the app Happen. It’s a French-based local app that connects you to people you have walked past. Paris is a large city and it’s easier to connect with people who live and work on your route. Outside of Paris popular French dating sites include:


Dress up! The vibe is classy and elegant. Dress nice and meet for a casual drink to see if there is chemistry and take it from there.

If it’s a nice day meet in the park to share a bottle of wine.

Not all people speak English well, if you are looking for a good chat, check to see how fluent your match is before meeting up. I have personally met with guys who texted very clear English but spoke it terribly, talk about a boring night.

Having lived in the center of Paris for 3 years I feel that I can accurately comment on dating in the beautiful French capital. French men and women are some of the most interesting and refined people in the world. Know for their upscale fashion and exquisite culinary taste, dating in this city does not disappoint. It’s sensual, serious, romantic and active. Cozy bars and cafes can be found on every corner and provide for the perfect meeting place. While the French seem to be quite introverted and overly confident, Paris still makes it to be one of the best cities for dating on my list.


The first thing to know about French dating culture is that they take dating very seriously. They love relationships. It seems that all men and women are actively seeking partners. Casual dating does not exist in the way it does in London or New York. This is partially due to the culture and also the fact that you will not find many foreigners living here.


Gyms in Paris are pretty much nonexistent. They are very expensive and the average person is not going to the gym. While there are some runners the French are very slim and the men in particular looked like skeletons to me. I moved to Paris in the winter and remember being shocked when summer came around and the coats where shed to reveal extremely slim physiques.


Having live in New York City for 10 years I have been surrounded by confident people who have admirable assurance in themselves and their abilities. However, I was blown away by how French men and women carried themselves. Regardless of attractiveness, they would sit across from me on dates like they owned the city its self. I often felt like I was being interviewed for a job I was not capable of even applying for. After a few dates, I realized it was the norm and nothing against me.


The French win in terms of style and taste. I have always loved a strong dresser and the French blew me away and taught me a lot about quality over quantity. There is a very high standard for food, wine, fashion and interior design. Regardless of who you date you are sure to be around somebody who loves the finer things in life. Dive bars are pretty much non-existent and are replaced with cozy bistros.


While there are all types of people in every country I would have to say the average French person is serious and lacking humor and playfulness. The winters are grey and there is a strong feeling of dedication to ones work. Paris and other French cities don’t have the international appeal other large cities have, that bring in new residents eager to mingle and play. My least favorite part of dating in Paris is that I felt I had to carry the conversation most of the time as my dates felt introverted and like they were over analyzing the situation.


Before I came to Paris I was intimidated by the model scene and fashion industry. I knew it was the global capital of fashion week and the fashion industry in general. While this is true I did not feel any pressure to be 5’10 and 100 lbs. Surprisingly the French have a natural and realistic standard for beauty and aesthetics.


While you wouldn’t expect Paris to be filled with nerds, the Harry Potter looking, intellectual type is quite common, French edition of course. Be prepared to talk about what you are currently reading and thoughts on the current political situation. Your reality TV habit and movie trivia skills won’t do you any good here.


One of the best things about dating in Paris is the French accent and exposure to the French language. Prepare yourself to lose your train of thought in the worlds sexiest accents. Ouuui oui!


Dating in Paris gets a high 8. Mainly because the French accents are adorable, the French people are so tasteful and have a very high sex appeal. I would go as far to say that French people are the sexiest people I have encountered. Just beware of the overly skinny frames and be prepared to for some serious conversations on the first date.